Thursday, November 20, 2008

Retelling of: Rapunzel

The Tower Room by Adele Geras.

This novel is a re-imagining of the Rapunzel tale, set in a 1960s, all girls, British boarding school. The protagonist Megan is not held captive in a tower room by an evil witch as in the original story. Instead, Megan and her two best friends, Bella and Alice, choose to bunk in the tower room because of the privacy and seclusion it offers. A young science teacher by the name of Simon catches the eye of Megan and the two lovers begin a passionate affair that will come at a cost.

This is the first book in a trilogy involving Megan, Alice and Bella. If you liked The Tower Room be sure to pick up the second and third books in the Egerton Hall series:

Watching the Roses
tells the story of Alice and her vindictive aunt, who holds a grudge because she was not invited to Alice's christening.

Pictures of the Night
is the tale of Bella and her beauty obsessed, jealous stepmother who will go to great lengths to be rid of Bella, whom believes she is a threat to her beauty.

To learn more about Adele Geras go to her website!

Read her thoughts about writing in an interview!

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